Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our “schedule” and chore chart

I just wanted to add to Christena’s post about scheduling for summer. This is what we have posted at our house.

It’s a loose schedule. The only thing enforced to the letter each day is the chore time and reading time. It’s fun to do things like writing time too. We all wrote a short story about a random thing yesterday. My story was called, “Murphey the Pretzel”. 

We also have the rules, especially for summer. 

And here is also a picture of our chore chart and some of the chores that we rotate though. 

Just a magnetic dry erase board and magnets on the little papers. I "laminated" them with packing tape or you could use card stock or really laminate them. :)

The kids can earn bonuses (electronic time, special treats, etc) if they willingly do an extra chore. The extra chores also become consequences for disobeying or just being stinkers. We also have colored popsicle sticks with assorted “bad” chores on them for super consequences, as well as exercise sticks, silly sticks, prize sticks, etc. We don’t use them very often like we should though.

Just wanted to contribute a little to this fun blog. I need some more ideas!

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